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10 rules for writing emails

While email is certainly an efficient means of communicating, it often is a source of confusion, frustration and anger. Without the benefit of seeing body language and hearing voice tone, recipients can interpret your words as being hostile or condescending. That can lead to dissatisfied customers and conflict between you and your co-workers. With some care, you can write clean, concise, clear emails that convey your message and intent. Follow these ground rules … Continue reading

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Top 10 guidelines for using the phone at work

Phone calls continue to be one of the most dependable and effective communication tools. In a world where emailing and texting are becoming the most popular choices for reaching out to someone, the phone call is a more personal option. A quick call can be much more efficient than a round of emails, text messages or instant messages. They are crucial in maintaining customer relationships. And when face-to-face meetings aren’t an option, they are the only choice for addressing conflict, providing feedback, and discussing sensitive or confidential matters … Continue reading

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Rules of Workplace Etiquette

You would be surprised by how even the littlest things can force a wedge between you and your co-workers. Day after day of smelling your perfume or stinky lunches or too often having to listen to you take personal calls can drive them to the brink. They may not know how to communicate the problem to you, and so they act out with rudeness or avoidance. If you follow these rules, you will do your part to reduce conflict at work … Continue reading

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Insist on a courteous work environment

Insist on a courteous work environment Problem: Lately it feels as though you’ve been inundated with employees’ complaints about their co-workers’ lack of common courtesy. One person complained about people leaving dirty dishes in the break room sink. Another grumbled about … Continue reading

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Treat internal customers as well you do external ones

Treat internal customers as well you do external ones by Amy Beth Miller, editor, Communication Briefings Treat your internal customers well and your external customers will receive better service too. The co-workers sitting beside you—and your colleagues in departments throughout … Continue reading

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