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Do you have contingency plans? Prepare for these 4 possibilities

Practicing your speech is only one aspect of preparing for your presentation. You should also spend some time readying yourself for the unknown. If you aren’t prepared to handle a surprise or two, you could become flustered in front of your audience. Make a plan for how you will respond to these sorts of surprises … Continue reading

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5 things you shouldn’t say to customers

You can deliver stellar service to your customers by adhering to a principle often referred to as “the golden rule.” It’s easy to remember—and easy to follow: Don’t say anything to your customers that you would not want a service representative to say to you. And even when customers are being truly difficult, never use these phrases when communicating with them … Continue reading

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To-do: Improve your task list

A to-do list is a must-have tool for managing your time, but many people use it poorly. For your to-do list to work, follow these principles … Continue reading

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Write clear and concise email messages

Imagine how much time we could save and how many misunderstandings we could avoid if everyone thought for a moment before hitting “Send” on the emails that they write. Following is great guidance for every email user, adapted from C3: Clear Concise Communication, a multimedia training kit that includes guidelines for more than a dozen types of communication. Feel free to forward this email to your colleagues who will benefit from the advice … Continue reading

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Earn an A+ in preparation

Within the next couple of weeks, children who aren’t already back in the classroom will be starting a new school year. The same habits that can boost their academic performance will pay off for moms and dads at work too. Here are seven habits worth adding to your life … Continue reading

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Trust me! 7 ways to build your credibility

At the American Speaker blog, we’ve shared advice about how to avoid undermining your credibility. It’s also a great idea to consistently work on building your credibility, because if people trust and respect you, they are more likely to support your cause. If your audience doesn’t know you—or if recent events have made your listeners doubt you—take these steps to boost your credibility … Continue reading

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Stop avoiding conflict

Your organization uses 360-degree feedback, gathering input from everyone with whom you work, and the comments you received in your last evaluation surprised you. Although you received a good amount of praise, a number of people offered the same criticism: They felt you were “too conflict-averse.” Now you’re worried that you’re coming across as a pushover or someone who can’t handle difficult situations … Continue reading

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