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Ignite team members’ passion

Problem: Lately, your team members have been doing fine, but you know they could do much better. Employees are meeting goals, but they’re not exceeding them. They’re showing up at meetings, but they’re not contributing innovative ideas. No one’s had a particularly bad attitude, but no one seems excited about their work either. What can you do to fire up your people? Continue reading

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20 ways to show appreciation

20 ways to show appreciation Lavish rewards are great—if you can afford them. But you can motivate your team and let staffers know that you appreciate them even if you don’t have a dime to spend. Add this list of 20 … Continue reading

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Guide your team to be punctual

Guide your team to be punctual Problem: Multiple members of your staff are often late. Some show up late for work. Others wander into the room after you’ve begun a meeting. A few take extended lunch breaks. You worry that this … Continue reading

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Break out of your slump

Break out of your slump  Serving customers is hard work that can leave you feeling tired, frustrated and preoccupied. You can’t always count on someone else to provide motivation for you. Sometimes, job satisfaction takes a personal effort. So, if … Continue reading

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Overcome the reasons resolutions go off track

Overcome the reasons resolutions go off track This is a guest article from Tom Connellan, author of The 1% Solution. A quarter of people who make New Year’s resolutions have already given them up by the end of the first … Continue reading

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Raise the bar in 2012

Raise the bar in 2012 by Catherine Welborn Problem: Despite your team’s efforts, it looks like you’re not quite going to reach your goals for the year. You know that part of the problem is the economy, but you’ve seen other … Continue reading

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Make your staff appreciation memorable

Make your staff appreciation memorable by Amy Beth Miller, editor, Communication Briefings If you have outstanding team members, don’t say “Thank you” in a humdrum way. Put some creative effort into your recognition and rewards to make a lasting impression … Continue reading

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