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Bringing zombies back to life: Ignite employees’ passion

Halloween is approaching, and it’s got us thinking about zombies at work—those lifeless people that just go through the motions, working for a paycheck, but never really feeling excited about their work or engaged in their day-to-day activities. While your employees should take some responsibility for fueling their passion on the job, you play a big role too. Follow these tips presented in Successful Onboarding: Making New Hires’ First 90 Days Count to spark employees’ passion early on—and keep it burning … Continue reading

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Ignite team members’ passion

Problem: Lately, your team members have been doing fine, but you know they could do much better. Employees are meeting goals, but they’re not exceeding them. They’re showing up at meetings, but they’re not contributing innovative ideas. No one’s had a particularly bad attitude, but no one seems excited about their work either. What can you do to fire up your people? Continue reading

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Don’t ignore gender’s impact on communication

Men and women might as well be speaking different languages, not in words but in their communication styles. Those differences can lead to misunderstanding and conflict. Not everyone exhibits the communication habits associated with their gender, of course, but those habits are prevalent enough that you should be aware of the tendencies of both your gender and the other. Here are some examples of the misinterpretations that can happen between men and women … Continue reading

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Handle an employee’s outburst with dignity

Problem: One of your team members has done something wrong—missed a major deadline, spoke rudely to a customer, bullied a teammate or something similar—and, because you’ve made a commitment to stop avoiding conflict, you know that you must address the issue. However, when you speak with the person about the behavior, you’re shocked that the employee reacts by crying or shouting. How do you handle that kind of unprofessional meltdown? … Continue reading

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Stop avoiding conflict

Your organization uses 360-degree feedback, gathering input from everyone with whom you work, and the comments you received in your last evaluation surprised you. Although you received a good amount of praise, a number of people offered the same criticism: They felt you were “too conflict-averse.” Now you’re worried that you’re coming across as a pushover or someone who can’t handle difficult situations … Continue reading

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Put your management to this test

Nothing sucks the energy and initiative out of employees faster than a boss who micromanages them. While you may not consider yourself a micromanager, your employees may have a different opinion. Find out whether you are managing or micromanaging, by deciding whether the following statements are True of False about you … Continue reading

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Create checklists for any type of task

Take some of the strain off your brain. Rely on checklists to simplify and improve any process. With that one tool, you gain these benefits … Continue reading

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