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Handle an employee’s outburst with dignity

Problem: One of your team members has done something wrong—missed a major deadline, spoke rudely to a customer, bullied a teammate or something similar—and, because you’ve made a commitment to stop avoiding conflict, you know that you must address the issue. However, when you speak with the person about the behavior, you’re shocked that the employee reacts by crying or shouting. How do you handle that kind of unprofessional meltdown? … Continue reading

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5 things you shouldn’t say to customers

You can deliver stellar service to your customers by adhering to a principle often referred to as “the golden rule.” It’s easy to remember—and easy to follow: Don’t say anything to your customers that you would not want a service representative to say to you. And even when customers are being truly difficult, never use these phrases when communicating with them … Continue reading

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My co-worker is a backstabber

Backstabbers can be very hurtful. They break your trust, and once that happens, it’s very difficult—if not impossible—to regain that trust. Here are some tips to help you deal with backstabbers at work … Continue reading

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What to do when your customers become offensive

Customers sometimes make inappropriate jokes, sexual innuendos, racist remarks or other discriminatory comments. Address the offensive remarks—without becoming offensive yourself—by following the RESCUE process, presented in the First-Rate Customer Service Training Kit … Continue reading

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Master valuable negotiation techniques

Influence and authority aren’t automatically granted with promotions and pay raises. You have to earn the respect of your team and your boss before they will trust and buy in to your ideas. Fortunately, there are negotiation techniques that you can use to speed the buy-in process. Follow these tips to gain your team’s and supervisor’s trust and respect … Continue reading

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5 steps to pleasing difficult, demanding customers

Trying to satisfy difficult and demanding customers can take a toll on everyone. But if you satisfy them quickly, you can save everyone some anxiety and build customer loyalty. Here are five steps to help you quickly satisfy difficult and demanding customers … Continue reading

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Embrace a large audience

Embrace a large audience by Amy Beth Miller, editor, Communication Briefings If the thought of delivering a presentation to a large audience fills you with dread, you’re hardly alone. When we asked readers “Which speaking situations do you find difficult?” 64% … Continue reading

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