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Handle an employee’s outburst with dignity

Problem: One of your team members has done something wrong—missed a major deadline, spoke rudely to a customer, bullied a teammate or something similar—and, because you’ve made a commitment to stop avoiding conflict, you know that you must address the issue. However, when you speak with the person about the behavior, you’re shocked that the employee reacts by crying or shouting. How do you handle that kind of unprofessional meltdown? … Continue reading

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11 ways to stop workplace drama

Obstacles in your personal life always spill into your professional life. Most of the things that keep us stuck are not circumstantial. What holds us back and then becomes drama are our addictions, bad habits and character flaws. So how about looking at things you can stop doing? Making one significant change could change every other area of your life, including your workplace relationships. Here are eleven ways you can stop workplace drama … Continue reading

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Rules of Workplace Etiquette

You would be surprised by how even the littlest things can force a wedge between you and your co-workers. Day after day of smelling your perfume or stinky lunches or too often having to listen to you take personal calls can drive them to the brink. They may not know how to communicate the problem to you, and so they act out with rudeness or avoidance. If you follow these rules, you will do your part to reduce conflict at work … Continue reading

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Stop avoiding conflict

Your organization uses 360-degree feedback, gathering input from everyone with whom you work, and the comments you received in your last evaluation surprised you. Although you received a good amount of praise, a number of people offered the same criticism: They felt you were “too conflict-averse.” Now you’re worried that you’re coming across as a pushover or someone who can’t handle difficult situations … Continue reading

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Insist on a courteous work environment

Insist on a courteous work environment Problem: Lately it feels as though you’ve been inundated with employees’ complaints about their co-workers’ lack of common courtesy. One person complained about people leaving dirty dishes in the break room sink. Another grumbled about … Continue reading

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When the biggest problem is the people

When the biggest problem is the people A day in a dysfunctional office can feature more drama than a soap opera: co-worker conflict, gum-flapping gossips, turf wars that are entrenched in the culture and demanding divas of either gender, just … Continue reading

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7 surefire methods for managing pessimists

7 surefire methods for managing pessimists Some people are innately negative. They are quick to shoot down others’ ideas, rip apart plans and pinpoint every little thing that could go wrong. You won’t hear them talking about the positives of an assignment … Continue reading

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