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Trust me! 7 ways to build your credibility

At the American Speaker blog, we’ve shared advice about how to avoid undermining your credibility. It’s also a great idea to consistently work on building your credibility, because if people trust and respect you, they are more likely to support your cause. If your audience doesn’t know you—or if recent events have made your listeners doubt you—take these steps to boost your credibility … Continue reading

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My co-worker is a backstabber

Backstabbers can be very hurtful. They break your trust, and once that happens, it’s very difficult—if not impossible—to regain that trust. Here are some tips to help you deal with backstabbers at work … Continue reading

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Adapt your writing to reading on a screen

Whether you are writing an email or an e-letter, adjust your style to make the most of the medium and convince recipients to read your message. Follow these guidelines to improve your online content … Continue reading

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Master valuable negotiation techniques

Influence and authority aren’t automatically granted with promotions and pay raises. You have to earn the respect of your team and your boss before they will trust and buy in to your ideas. Fortunately, there are negotiation techniques that you can use to speed the buy-in process. Follow these tips to gain your team’s and supervisor’s trust and respect … Continue reading

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Add a pictorial pop to your presentation: 5 ways to grab your audience with visuals

Anyone who has been forced to sit through a text-only PowerPoint presentation knows how mind-numbing they can be. Using visuals to break up text, illustrate stories and highlight important data is imperative for grabbing—and maintaining—your audience’s attention. Make your next speech more memorable with visuals from these categories … Continue reading

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5 steps to pleasing difficult, demanding customers

Trying to satisfy difficult and demanding customers can take a toll on everyone. But if you satisfy them quickly, you can save everyone some anxiety and build customer loyalty. Here are five steps to help you quickly satisfy difficult and demanding customers … Continue reading

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20 ways to show appreciation

20 ways to show appreciation Lavish rewards are great—if you can afford them. But you can motivate your team and let staffers know that you appreciate them even if you don’t have a dime to spend. Add this list of 20 … Continue reading

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