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Command attention when you speak

It’s little wonder that some people choose to send an email instead of trying to hold a conversation. After all, people often are looking at their computers or smartphones when you try to speak with them. Forty-two percent of the readers who responded to last month’s poll said that’s their greatest annoyance when they try to talk with someone … Continue reading

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The way you say it matters

Text and instant messaging are quickly catching up to email and phone calls as the most frequently used communication tools. More than 80% of the readers who responded to our poll last month said they use text or instant messaging daily, while everyone said they use the phone and email … Continue reading

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Don’t ignore gender’s impact on communication

Men and women might as well be speaking different languages, not in words but in their communication styles. Those differences can lead to misunderstanding and conflict. Not everyone exhibits the communication habits associated with their gender, of course, but those habits are prevalent enough that you should be aware of the tendencies of both your gender and the other. Here are some examples of the misinterpretations that can happen between men and women … Continue reading

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Handle an employee’s outburst with dignity

Problem: One of your team members has done something wrong—missed a major deadline, spoke rudely to a customer, bullied a teammate or something similar—and, because you’ve made a commitment to stop avoiding conflict, you know that you must address the issue. However, when you speak with the person about the behavior, you’re shocked that the employee reacts by crying or shouting. How do you handle that kind of unprofessional meltdown? … Continue reading

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5 things you shouldn’t say to customers

You can deliver stellar service to your customers by adhering to a principle often referred to as “the golden rule.” It’s easy to remember—and easy to follow: Don’t say anything to your customers that you would not want a service representative to say to you. And even when customers are being truly difficult, never use these phrases when communicating with them … Continue reading

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Write clear and concise email messages

Imagine how much time we could save and how many misunderstandings we could avoid if everyone thought for a moment before hitting “Send” on the emails that they write. Following is great guidance for every email user, adapted from C3: Clear Concise Communication, a multimedia training kit that includes guidelines for more than a dozen types of communication. Feel free to forward this email to your colleagues who will benefit from the advice … Continue reading

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11 ways to stop workplace drama

Obstacles in your personal life always spill into your professional life. Most of the things that keep us stuck are not circumstantial. What holds us back and then becomes drama are our addictions, bad habits and character flaws. So how about looking at things you can stop doing? Making one significant change could change every other area of your life, including your workplace relationships. Here are eleven ways you can stop workplace drama … Continue reading

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