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‘Fall back’ into a new habit

When we turn the clocks back the first weekend in November, it is easy to yield to the temptations of extra sleep or a lazy morning. Instead, seize the opportunity that the end of daylight saving time presents and ease into a productive new habit … Continue reading

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Command attention when you speak

It’s little wonder that some people choose to send an email instead of trying to hold a conversation. After all, people often are looking at their computers or smartphones when you try to speak with them. Forty-two percent of the readers who responded to last month’s poll said that’s their greatest annoyance when they try to talk with someone … Continue reading

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Bringing zombies back to life: Ignite employees’ passion

Halloween is approaching, and it’s got us thinking about zombies at work—those lifeless people that just go through the motions, working for a paycheck, but never really feeling excited about their work or engaged in their day-to-day activities. While your employees should take some responsibility for fueling their passion on the job, you play a big role too. Follow these tips presented in Successful Onboarding: Making New Hires’ First 90 Days Count to spark employees’ passion early on—and keep it burning … Continue reading

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Ignite team members’ passion

Problem: Lately, your team members have been doing fine, but you know they could do much better. Employees are meeting goals, but they’re not exceeding them. They’re showing up at meetings, but they’re not contributing innovative ideas. No one’s had a particularly bad attitude, but no one seems excited about their work either. What can you do to fire up your people? Continue reading

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Houston, we have a problem: 5 ways to prepare for technology malfunctions

Murphy’s Law—“Anything that can go wrong will go wrong”—may never be truer than when you’re dependent on technology for a presentation. Most of your presentations likely will be glitch-free, however, it’s ideal to prepare for the worst-case scenario so that you can quickly recover when something inevitably goes wrong … Continue reading

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10 rules for writing emails

While email is certainly an efficient means of communicating, it often is a source of confusion, frustration and anger. Without the benefit of seeing body language and hearing voice tone, recipients can interpret your words as being hostile or condescending. That can lead to dissatisfied customers and conflict between you and your co-workers. With some care, you can write clean, concise, clear emails that convey your message and intent. Follow these ground rules … Continue reading

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The way you say it matters

Text and instant messaging are quickly catching up to email and phone calls as the most frequently used communication tools. More than 80% of the readers who responded to our poll last month said they use text or instant messaging daily, while everyone said they use the phone and email … Continue reading

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