Assessment: Do People Want to Join Your Organization?

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Assessment: Do People Want to Join Your Organization?

Before you begin recruiting, give some thought to why top talent would want to work for you and your organization. No matter how effective you are at sourcing top-quality job candidates, you still have to offer some substance. Consider these factors: 

  • Are you able to offer competitive pay?
  • Will candidates have abundant opportunities for internal advancement?
  • Do you offer consistent recognition and rewards for outstanding performance?
  • What kind of challenges are you able to offer?
  • Will candidates have autonomy in how they accomplish their work?
  • Does your organization offer a cooperative team atmosphere? A competitive environment?
  • Are you able to offer candidates flexibility so they can manage their work/life balance?

Quick tip: Not sure which factors will appeal most to top candidates? Interview your current top performers to find out why they applied for and accepted their jobs. Then use that insight to home in on the most distinctive benefits you can offer future top performers in those positions.

Hire Exceptional Employees

This assessment comes directly from the pages of the brand-new training kit Hire Exceptional Employees. This resource offers you a simple and easy-to-follow plan for finding and hiring the best person for the job. Commit to the process to ensure that you don’t make another bad hiring decision.

This training kit includes the following:

  • The 18-minute video Hiring Secrets: 12 Tips to Get Candidates to Reveal Their True Selves (a $149 value).
  • The 60-minute audio conference presentation, Avoiding Bad Hires: Systems for Effective Hiring (a $229 value).
  • A 76-page workbook stuffed full of best practices, guides, tips, quizzes and more.
  • Dozens of print-ready and customizable forms that team leaders and employees can reference again and again.

Get it all now for just $287!

You will learn how to:

  • Ensure culture and team fit.
  • Define key jobs.
  • Define the ideal candidate.
  • Write a job description and posting.
  • Surface top candidates.
  • Expand your recruiting efforts.
  • Weed through résumés quickly.
  • Conduct phone interviews.
  • Determine which candidates to interview.
  • Draft interview questions.
  • Prompt candidates to reveal their true selves.
  • Uncover the true cost of a bad hire.
  • Explore hiring trends and the impact of the current economy on the job market.
  • Discuss the projected workforce shortage and how to adapt your hiring process to deal with increased competition for top performers.
  • Identify the types of available hiring tools.
  • Discover the importance of having a system in place rather than just a tool.
  • Learn how to spend less time interviewing and still improve your hiring success rate.
  • Discuss the specific hiring tools that are being used by “benchmark” organizations to ensure success: tests, simulations and inventories.
  • Review sample systems for different jobs or position levels.

View the Table of Contents. 

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