5 things you shouldn’t say to customers

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5 things you shouldn’t say to customers

You can deliver stellar service to your customers by adhering to a principle often referred to as “the golden rule.” It’s easy to remember—and easy to follow: Don’t say anything to your customers that you would not want a service representative to say to you. And even when customers are being truly difficult, never use these phrases when communicating with them:

  1. “Call back later.” Customers who ask you for help—whether they are standing in front of you or calling on the phone—do not want to hear that they need to make the effort to call another time. If you are unable to help customers, and if you are unable to locate someone who can, ask for a telephone number and offer a time frame for when you or someone else will call back. Better: “May I take your number and call you back before 5 p.m. with that information?”
  1. “That makes it really hard for me.” Customers do not care about how hard you find your job to be. They care about gaining what they want, which is an acceptable level of service. Better: “We could do that. I think we could meet the same goals if we _____ instead, and we could start right now. Would that be acceptable?”
  1. “Hang on a minute.” Abrupt statements like that are almost certain to sound rude in your customers’ ears. Even worse, when you say something like that, you are telling your customer what to do instead of asking how you can help. Of course, sometimes you will need to ask a customer to wait a moment. The key is to ask instead of tell. A polite request often works wonders, especially when you follow up with sincere appreciation and a desire to serve. Better: “Would you mind waiting just a minute while I finish serving this customer? Then I will be able to give you my full attention.”
  1. “Who’s next?” Treat your customers like sheep in line for slaughter, and they will respond almost as enthusiastically. Instead of belting out an impersonal and harsh “Next!” offer a friendly invitation. Better: “I can assist the next customer in line, here at register 4.”
  1. “What do you need?” The answer to that question should be obvious to you, because it is to your customers. They want you to solve their problems, meet their needs and make everything better. However, you cannot do those things unless you politely inquire about those problems and needs.Better: “How may I assist you?” or “What may I help you find today?”

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