Earn an A+ in preparation

The Organized Executive's Priority One

Earn an A+ in preparation

Within the next couple of weeks, children who aren’t already back in the classroom will be starting a new school year. The same habits that can boost their academic performance will pay off for moms and dads at work too.

Here are seven habits worth adding to your life:

  1. Maintain a regular sleep schedule throughout the week. Staying up late on the weekend and sleeping in makes Monday morning hell. In addition to the toll it takes on your concentration, researchers say the “social jetlag” caused by switching sleep times can lead to weight gain too.
  1. Eat a healthful breakfast. Parents make kids eat breakfast to fuel them for the day ahead. You need more than a cup of coffee too.
  1. Prep for the week ahead. Any parent who has battled with kids about clothes on a school morning will appreciate the advantage that comes from having the entire week’s wardrobe laid out by Sunday afternoon. If your clothes are ready to go, you won’t waste time figuring out what to do when you discover that your favorite suit is still at the dry cleaner’s shop.
  1. Designate a distraction-free zone. A quiet spot, away from the television and other temptations, is the best place for schoolchildren to do their homework. Find a place where you can concentrate too, whether that is your office with the door closed or an empty conference room.
  1. Put everything in its place. When kids learn to put library books on a certain shelf and homework papers in their backpacks as soon as they complete the work, there’s no last-minute scramble or lost items. Designate a home for all the items you use daily, such as your keys, mobile phone and charging cables.
  1. Pack your lunch. Brown bagging it at least a few times a week gives you more control over your nutrition and time. When you have a healthful meal at hand, you can use that extra time at lunch for a relaxing walk or other exercise.
  1. Don’t overschedule. Too many extracurricular activities lead to burnout. Instead of stretching yourself to serve on a dozen community committees, devote your attention to only one or two.

The Co-Worker From Hell

The Co-Worker From Hell:
Successfully Manage Your Most Challenging Work Relationships

While many factors affect how you feel about your job—the organization, your boss and the work itself—one of the biggest complaints about the workplace is other co-workers.

That’s why we developed The Co-Worker from Hell: Successfully Manage Your Most Challenging Work Relationships training tool. You’ll learn how to minimize conflict with hellish coworkers, confront their behavior head-on, resolve your issues and move toward a successful work relationship.

This training kit includes:

  • A 75-page binder full of advice, quick tips, assessments and worksheets.
  • A CD of customizable, print-ready forms.

Order today!

Click here to receive The Organized Executive’s Piority One  twice each month!

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