My co-worker is a backstabber

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My co-worker is a backstabber

Backstabbers can be very hurtful. They break your trust, and once that happens, it’s very difficult—if not impossible—to regain that trust. Here are some tips to help you deal with backstabbers at work:

  • Keep your personal life out of the office. That’s your best option for keeping your private life private. If you have a very close—or even best—friend in the office, separate your personal relationship from your work relationship, and do not discuss private issues on the job. Even then, you should feel certain that the person is 100% trustworthy before you share intimate details about your life.
  • Don’t gossip about people. If you badmouth colleagues or spread rumors, the backstabber can use that against you. Don’t run your mouth about anyone to people at work. Pick a trusted significant other, family member or friend outside of work if you need to vent to someone occasionally.
  • Be a solid employee and teammate. If you are known as a person who is helpful, respectful and hardworking, people will be less inclined to believe a backstabber’s attempts to ruin your reputation.
  • Confront the backstabber. Backstabbers are careful to act secretively. They don’t want to be brought out in the open as someone who breaks others’ confidence or lies to get what they want. That hurts their game. Go to the person and say: “I’ve learned that you did/said ____________. If you have a problem with me, I’d like to discuss it now. We have to work together, so we need to resolve this issue and move on.” Explain that if it doesn’t stop, you will speak to the boss.

The Co-Worker From Hell

Purchase The Co-Worker From Hell to learn how to manage your relationships with these tricky co-workers: angry people, backstabbers, bossy people, brownnosers, control freaks, gossips, know-it-alls, office clowns, over-sharers, people pleasers, perfectionists, rude people, self-deprecators, tattletales and more!

Have you ever thought to yourself “Wow, I would have a great job if I just didn’t have to work with so-and-so?”

That’s why we developed The Co-Worker from Hell: Successfully Manage Your Most Challenging Work Relationships training tool. You’ll learn how to minimize conflict with hellish coworkers, confront their behavior head-on, resolve your issues and move toward a successful work relationship.

Bottom line: You don’t have to love your co-workers, but you do have to work with them. This training tool simplifies that daunting—and sometimes painful—process.

This training kit includes the following:

  • A 75-page binder full of advice, quick tips, assessments and worksheets.
  • A CD of customizable, print-ready forms.
  • The 60-minute audio conference presentation Dealing With the Co-Worker From Hell, with PowerPoint Presentaton and PDF of the presentation slides.
  • The 60-minute audio conference presentation How to Manage Frenemies, Friction & Frustration at Work, with PowerPoint Presentaton and PDF of the presentation slides.

View the Table of Contents.

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