What to do when your customers become offensive

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What to do when your customers become offensive

Customers sometimes make inappropriate jokes, sexual innuendos, racist remarks or other discriminatory comments. Address the offensive remarks—without becoming offensive yourself—by following the RESCUE process, presented in the First-Rate Customer Service Training Kit:

  • Rest. Sometimes a moment of silence is all it takes to put someone on notice that the comment he or she just made was not welcome or appropriate.
  • Examine the options. If the person made one minor comment, you may be able to ignore it and move on. But you don’t have to tolerate abusive situations. You can stand up for yourself without offending the customer, and in severe cases you can call on your supervisor or a colleague for assistance.
  • Side with the customer. Focus on the customer service problem, not the inappropriate behavior. Tell the customer: “I want to help you with this. When you make remarks like that, it distracts my attention. Could you please refrain from saying those types of things?” Another option: “I can’t concentrate while you are swearing at me. Would you prefer to call back, or would you like me to help you now?”
  • Cue the customer that you are listening. Wait for the customer to agree to change the behavior before you continue.
  • Usher the conversation forward. Turn the conversation immediately back to the customer service issue.
  • Earn respect with your demeanor. When dealing with this type of situation, mirror the customer’s intensity with your remarks. If the customer is speaking in an intense manner, don’t be meek in asking for a change. Be calm and firm, not confrontational.

Purchase the First-Rate Customer Service Training Kit to learn how to apply the RESCUE method when dealing with these difficult types: Impatient Customers, Demanding Customers, Hostile Customers and Offensive Customers.

First-Rate Customer Service Training Kit

Never has it been more important to get back to providing good old-fashioned customer service. That’s why you need the First-Rate Customer Service Training Kit.

This comprehensive multimedia product will develop customer service reps’ skills in a wide range of areas, including communicating, dealing with difficult customers and turning service into sales. The program serves both as a training program that supervisors can facilitate for teams and as a self-paced study course that service reps can take on their own.

The First-Rate Customer Service Training Kit is an essential resource for developing the front-line employees in your organization into confident and effective representatives of your brand. Customer service reps will discover how to:

  • View service situations from customers’ viewpoints.
  • Act in the best interest of the organization to please customers.
  • Avoid phrases that irk customers and damage your organization’s reputation.
  • Handle the most difficult customers with confidence.
  • Turn service situations into greater sales.
  • And so much more!

This resource includes more than a dozen guidelines that show customer service reps step by step how to handle the most challenging situations they will encounter. They will learn how to assess each situation and quickly adapt their responses. The result:reps who shine in every service interaction.

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