20 ways to show appreciation

20 ways to show appreciation

Lavish rewards are great—if you can afford them. But you can motivate your team and let staffers know that you appreciate them even if you don’t have a dime to spend. Add this list of 20 motivating phrases to your memory bank:

  1. “I am proud to have you on my team.”
  2. “Congratulations on a terrific job.”
  3. “You are so helpful. Thank you.”
  4. “You keep improving. Well done.”
  5. “Thanks so much for your consistent effort.”
  6. “I really admire your dedication.”
  7. “You are a champion.”
  8. “What an incredible accomplishment.”
  9. “Great effort. You make us all look good.”
  10. “You have fully repaid our confidence in you.”
  11. “You grasped a difficult challenge and then mastered it.”
  12. “Your work on this was sensational.”
  13. “Your results were outstanding.”
  14. “You are a valuable part of this organization.”
  15. “Your efforts really make a difference.”
  16. “You are a real plus for us.”
  17. “You continue to be one of our top performers.”
  18. “You make our founder’s vision come alive.”
  19. “Your accomplishments inspire us all.”
  20. “Everyone is talking about your effort, commitment and results.”

Source: Essentials of Effective TeamworkWorkplaceTrainingCenter.com.

Essentials of Effective Teamwork is a comprehensive multimedia product that teaches team leaders how to lay a foundation of effective teamwork, covering basic principles and strategies for leading high-performance and successful teams. In addition, Section 3 provides team leaders with “12 Core Values of Teamwork Lessons” they’ll use to diagnose the weaknesses on their teams, correct problem areas and reinforce powerful teamwork messages with their own staffs.

The program serves both as a training program trainers can facilitate for a group of team leaders and as a self-paced study course that team leaders can take on their own.

The Essentials of Effective Teamwork training kit is a valuable resource for getting back to the basics of solid, effective teamwork.

Team leaders will discover how to:

  • Show employees respect and gain their respect.
  • Build cooperation and collaboration.
  • Foster trust.
  • Communicate more effectively.
  • Spur creativity.
  • Increase professionalism and workplace etiquette.
  • And so, so much more!

This multimedia resource includes:

  • The 22-minute video Teambuilding Techniques That Work, with a Trainer’s Guide and a Viewer’s Guide.
  • The 60-minute audio conference presentation Creating High-Performance Teams, with a companion PowerPoint presentation.
  • A 64-page workbook stuffed full of best practices, guides, tips, quizzes and more.
  • Dozens of print-ready and customizable forms that team leaders and the employees can reference again and again.

View the Table of Contents.

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