5 ways to make your email more efficient

5 ways to make your email more efficient

Don’t allow email to steal hours of your day. Simple changes can slash the time you spend reading and responding to messages. Adopt these five habits to save time:

  1. Reply in the subject line. Don’t force recipients to open a message to read a few words. Write your entire message in the subject line. Finish with “End of message.” If your team adopts the habit, you can shorten that to “EOM.”
  1. Head off unnecessary replies. Give people permission to not respond to your email. Tell them that “No reply is necessary” or use “NRN” in emails with correspondents who will understand that acronym.
  1. Slow down. Read and respond carefully and you will have to send and receive fewer messages. Ensure that you understand the original message before you dash off a reply, and check that you’ve answered all of the other person’s questions. Before you hit Send, verify that you have added that attachment you meant to include. Tip: Address emails last, so you don’t accidentally send a message before you are ready.
  1. Process messages a few times a day. Instead of bouncing in and out of your inbox all day, designate two or three times when you will check your messages and respond to email. Let others know your email schedule, so they don’t expect instant responses all day.
  1. Don’t email when the topic requires a discussion. Instead of exchanging multiple messages and risking a misunderstanding, meet with the other person or call instead.

Those are only a few of the ways you can spend less time on email. Download 25 Tips for Using Email More Efficiently from the Free Reports section at OrganizedExecutive.com.

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Ever had to hunt for a document that you desperately needed? A survey shows that workers waste an average of 2.5 hours every week just hunting for documents. That’s about 16 days a year—roughly equivalent to an employee’s vacation time.

And what about meetings? How much more work could you get done without meetings about how the work is going and updates that don’t even pertain to you? About 6.5 days’ worth of work—that’s how much. Just cut out an hour’s worth of meetings each week, and you would have an extra 6.5 days a year to get your “real” work done.

So, how do we tame the technology around us, change our own habits and behaviors, and ultimately stop falling victim to the distractions that are claiming our time and our productivity?

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