Are you surrounded by inconsiderate co-workers?

Are you surrounded by inconsiderate co-workers?

What one person views as inconsiderate, another will see as perfectly acceptable behavior. That’s why it’s important to create—and expect adherence to—an established set of ground rules that all employees know, understand and commit to. Are your employees lacking business etiquette and common courtesy? Look for the following signs:

  • Phone abuse. Employees text message or check email during meetings. Their cellphones ring during meetings, or they talk loudly on their phones in common areas.
  • Offensive behavior. They may tell or forward inappropriate jokes or watch offensive videos on their computers. They use obscenities and profanity in work settings.
  • Tardiness and absenteeism are problems. Employees show up late for meetings or miss team events. They take personal time at the last minute, often leaving co-workers in the lurch.
  • Common areas are messy. If your break room is filthy with dirty dishes in the sink and muck-covered counters, people aren’t respecting their teammates’ right to a clean space.
  • You’re constantly refilling and restocking. When people fail to refill the coffee pot, printer ink, or paper and other supplies, they aren’t taking their co-workers’ time into consideration.
  • Confusion and misunderstandings are the norm. You notice a lot of back and forth over email. Mistakes are abundant, and people don’t seem to be on the same page.
  • Technology is misused. You learn that employees are embroiled in conflicts via instant messaging or email. An employee bad mouths a co-worker via a social media network.
  • People are flat-out rude to one another. Arguments break out. People speak over and interrupt one another. There is little collaboration and cooperation.

If one or more of those items apply to your work environment, your team can use some lessons in workplace etiquette and courtesy. Even if you are lucky enough to have avoided any of those problems, it’s always a good idea to set rules to ensure that bad behaviors don’t start to set in—and tear apart your team.

Polite, Professional and Promotable: Etiquette for Today’s Workplace teaches you and your staff business etiquette ground rules. Follow them, and you will prevent conflicts, build stronger work relationships, present a polished and professional image, and be seen as a model employee—the type that is sure to advance in your organization.

Everyone—from front-line employees to c-level executives—plays an important role in ensuring that your workplace is one of civility, respect and courtesy. Completing this training will ensure that you are doing your part to foster that type of environment.

This product includes:

  • The 60-minute audio conference Business Communication Etiquette: Dealing With Technology, with a companion PowerPoint presentation.
  • The 60-minute audio conference Business Communication Etiquette: Dealing With People, with a companion PowerPoint presentation.
  • A 44-page workbook stuffed full of advice and etiquette guidelines.

View the Table of Contents.

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