Break out of your slump

Break out of your slump 

Serving customers is hard work that can leave you feeling tired, frustrated and preoccupied. You can’t always count on someone else to provide motivation for you.

Sometimes, job satisfaction takes a personal effort. So, if you find yourself in a slump—feeling bored or dissatisfied with your job—these tips will help put you back on track:

  • Become an expert on your product, service or industry. Take time to read industry publications, study product catalogs, research competitor websites or improve your telephone skills. Ask your supervisor to send you to a seminar or outside training session. The more knowledge you can bring to your job, the more satisfaction you’ll derive from it.
  • Remember what drew you to your job in the first place. Give yourself this challenge: Recruit yourself into the service profession all over again. Write down at least 15 good reasons to choose a career in customer service. Then write down five short-, medium- and long-term career goals. Set daily or weekly benchmarks and reward yourself for meeting them.
  • Look for small victories. When you’re fed up with your job, it’s easy to categorize everything as pointless or boring. But if you take the time to analyze your day—by counting the customers you’ve helped or the problems you’ve solved—you’ll see how important your role is.
  • Learn from mistakes. Maybe you’re feeling down because you haven’t been giving your best effort, resulting in problems or mistakes. Errors can drag you down, if you dwell on them. Better: Regard them as lessons. Be glad when you learn one of these lessons and vow to never forget it.
  • Vary your routine. Even if you have duties you must perform every day, you can add a little variety by shifting things around. Start the day with your favorite task. That will give you the push you need to get your day going right.
  • BYOB: Beat your own best. Review your work for the previous six months. How is your success measured? In number of calls, total sales? Find out your top number and try to beat it.
  • Create your own cheering section. If your voice-mail system allows you to archive your phone messages, save some of the good ones so you can refer to them later. Whenever you receive compliments or rave testimonials from a customer, praise from the boss or encouragement from your friends, family and co-workers, save it in your own motivational message library. Replay these messages whenever you could really use an extra dose of motivation.
  • Volunteer to train a new employee. You’ll have a new task and a fresh face to greet you every day. And you’ll be forced to review the customer service basics that made you successful—and satisfied—in the past.
  • Clean house. Throw away all the junk in your desk, dump old files from your hard drive and tidy up your work area. You’ll be surprised what a boost you’ll get from a little spring cleaning.

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