Act now, before your staff starts leaving

Act now, before your staff starts leaving

If you’re pleased with the employees you have brought together on your team, don’t stop now. Your efforts at hiring and training could all walk out the door.

For the past few years labor experts have warned that when the economy picks up employees, will start seeking new opportunities. Now a third of employees working for small businesses say they would like a different employer, according to MetLife’s 9th Annual Study of Employee Benefits Trends.

In our survey last month, 59% of readers said that retaining top staff members is their priority right now, compared with only 18% who are focused on recruiting new staff members. Several of the write-in votes mentioned improving employee engagement and developing current team members, both of which play a role in retention.

What would it take to lure your employees away?

The only way to know for sure is by talking with them. Don’t wait until they quit to hold an exit interview. Talk with them now about what they want from work. Here are some ideas to explore:

  • Examine the working conditions. Are workloads manageable and managers reasonable? Do employees treat each other with respect? Would you want to work under the conditions that your employees experience daily?
  • Measure benefits beyond salary. For many families the quality of health care benefits is an important factor in employment decisions. So don’t just check that you are offering competitive pay. Compare your benefits package with other employers’, and show your employees the entire value they reap from working for you.
  • Let them work somewhere else—but for you. Employees seeking better work/life balance place a high value on options such as telecommuting and flexible schedules.
  • Invest in their development. Fearing that employees will take the training you provide and go work for someone else is shortsighted. Create employee development plans that allow your staff to grow along with your organization. If employees can’t advance within your organization, they will find one where they can.
  • Show that you appreciate them. If you haven’t told your employees that you value them, how do you expect them to know that? Explain how their work contributes to the organization’s success, and actively seek their input. When they are engaged in the organization’s mission and feel that they are an integral part of it, they will take pride in continuing to be part of its success. 

Inspired Leadership:
Propel Your Employees to New Heights

Have you been thrust into a leadership position and don’t know where to go from here? Are you interested in moving into a leadership position? Have you been in a leadership position for some time but feel that you’ve lost your way? Perhaps the economic troubles of the past few years have forced you into managing crises, downsizing and financial problems, and you haven’t had the time or energy to inspire your people. Or maybe you just want a refresher course in leadership.

Regardless of your circumstances, if you find yourself in some leadership capacity, you play an enormous role in the lives of your employees and in the success of your organization. People succeed and organizations succeed because their leaders succeed.

Inspired Leadership: Propel Your Employees to New Heights provides you with advice for more effectively leading your team or organization. Learn the keys to becoming a respected and trusted leader, to building employee loyalty, and to driving creativity at every level in your organization.

This multimedia resource includes:

  • The 17-minute video Bottom-Up Innovation: Unleash the Creative Intelligence of Everyone in Your Organization, with a companion Trainer’s Guide and Viewer’s Guide.
  • The 60-minute audio conference presentation No Leader Does It Alone: Empower Your Team to Succeed!
  • A 65-page workbook stuffed full of best practices, guides, tips, quizzes and more.
  • A Customizable, Print-Ready Forms CD that trainers and trainees can reference again and again.

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