Is your ambition getting the best of you?


Is your ambition getting the best of you?

Problem: With your promotion into management, you are more determined than ever to impress your boss and reach your goals. However, you have a friend who keeps telling you that you are “too career-focused.” You want to succeed, but you worry that your ambition is going too far.

Solution: Ambition can take you far in life, but don’t let your ambition take over your life. If you don’t keep it in check, you risk damaging relationships and isolating yourself. Stick to these rules:

  • Don’t sacrifice your principles. It’s OK to set challenging goals, but never let your drive to succeed corrupt your values. If you step on people as you climb to the top, you won’t have a support system once you arrive there.
  • Don’t expect others to match your ambition. People place different values on work and success. Don’t look down on others—or punish them—for not holding your same priorities. 
  • Don’t forget to nurture your personal life. Create a life outside of work that you love. Aim to leave the office at quitting time at least two days per week. Make time to spend with family and friends.
  • Don’t think you are a failure. If you fall short of your own expectations, don’t blame yourself. Life changes, and so do our priorities. Create a new vision and begin working toward that.

—Adapted from Inspired Leadership: Propel Your People to New Heights,

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