Create a compelling presentation


Create a compelling presentation

When you plan your next presentation, structure a basic—but thorough—outline consisting of three parts: introduction, body and closing. 


  • Open your speech with a hook to grab your audience’s attention. Tell a personal anecdote, recite a relevant quote or state a startling fact. Many presenters use humor, but approach that tactic with caution; jokes sometimes bomb.
  • Motivate your audience to listen to you. Give the audience a reason to stay tuned in. Ask yourself: “Who is my audience?” and “Why is this information important to them?” Then tell your listeners why they will benefit from your speech.


  • Establish the main message of your presentation. Write your key message in one sentence, using plain language. Let that sentence guide you as you prepare your remarks.
  • List three—no more than five—points that support your message. Too many points and your audience will have difficulty remembering them all. Add statistics or anecdotes to illustrate and support each point, choosing memorable information that will allow the audience to absorb, understand and remember your message.
  • Do not attempt to cover too much. Limit yourself to the content that you know best. Avoid making assertions that you cannot back up with up-to-the-date facts.


  • Aim for 10% to 15% of your total speaking time. For example, if you have 15 minutes, your conclusion should take about two minutes; if you speak for 40 minutes, devote about four minutes to wrapping it up.
  • Announce that you are wrapping up your speech. Say “In conclusion, today we’ve talked about …” For this part of your talk, restate in crisp, concise fashion the key points you want your audience to remember.

—Adapted from No Sweat! Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking,

No Sweat! Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking

This multimedia product includes a 15-minute video that demonstrates techniques for reducing your public-speaking fear. It teaches you how to control your anxiety and overcome the top challenges you face when presenting to a group. Armed with this advice, you will become a polished and professional presenter, and that will increase your credibility exponentially.

Learning objectives:

  • Recover when you go blank.
  • Take precautions to reduce anxiety-induced sweating.
  • Respond when audience members point out your mistakes.
  • Slow down so people can understand you.
  • And much more!

This product also includes a binder and a CD-ROM with the following materials:

Trainer’s Guide

  • The Training Session Format prepares you for running a training session. It walks you through each step, from writing the meeting agenda to handing out Certificates of Completion.
  • The Video Guide outlines the video and includes discussion points you can use to spark conversations among your trainees.
  • The Group Exercise is a team-building activity that will energize your trainees and reinforce the lessons presented in the video.
  • Customize and award a Certificate of Completion to everyone who completes your training session!

Viewer’s Guide

  • The Video Guide outlines the video and provides extra tips trainees can put to use immediately. It’s a reference tool they can turn to again and again—long after the training session is over.
  • The Practice Exercises encourage trainees to continue to develop their skills.
  • The Assessment Quiz shows trainees their weakness so that they can focus on improving in those areas.

Customizable and Print-Ready Forms

  • Assessment Quiz and answer key.
  • Certificate of Completion.
  • Viewer’s Guide.
  • Trainer’s Guide.

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