Transform New Year’s resolutions into accomplishments

Transform New Year’s resolutions into accomplishments 

by Betty Hintch, editor, First-Rate Customer Service Forum

Resolve to turn annual goals into new skills and expertise. Follow these steps to set goals and accomplish them:

  1. Determine “how” and “when.” A common pitfall is identifying the desired goal—but not the steps to achieve it. For each resolution, list two or three actions you will take to be successful.
    Example: I will improve my phone skills. To reach that goal, each week I will ask my supervisor or colleague to listen to one of my conversations and offer feedback on my weaknesses. Also, I will post a list of tips for effective phone conversations at my workstation and review it each morning.
  2. Create a plan. Write mini-goals for each month. That way, you’ll stay on track and limit the stress of trying to accomplish everything in the first part of the year. 
    January—Develop a checklist of effective phone skills.
    February—Practice a skill on your list each day.
    March—Start a log of successful calls, and record the strategies that worked for each interaction.
    April—Seek a mentor to share your ideas with.
    May—Identify and participate in a training session or virtual seminar on effective telephone skills.
    June—Review your progress.
    July—Revise your checklist based on your progress and experiences.
    August—Consult with your mentor.
    September—Review log entries and add successful strategies to your list.
    October—Review customer reviews for clues that your phone skills are improving.
    November—Write a summary of your progress.
    December—Develop new goals.
  3. Limit the number of goals. You’ll become overwhelmed if you tackle too many resolutions, and you may not reach any of them. Start with two or three major goals for 2012. Once you meet them, you can add a fourth.  

Define your resolutions and goals with our “Goal-setting Worksheet.” Download a free copy at Click on the Free Reports button in the navigation bar to gain access to this handy form. 

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