Be ‘in the know’ without being overwhelmed

Be ‘in the know’ without being overwhelmed

If you’re the leader of hundreds of employees spread across dozens of business units, keeping on top of everything can be a challenge. That’s why Doug posed a question to our “Ask the Editor” feature on Read the advice we gave Doug by clicking here.

Below are some additional tips everyone can use to home in on what’s important and avoid information overload:

  • Streamline the incoming flow. Define the key metrics you need to run your organization. Eliminate “nice to know” data and focus on the information that you can and should act on. 
  • Start with the bottom line. Train team members to submit reports and other information with the most important points at the top. For lengthy documents, require one-page executive summaries that include recommendations and the reasoning behind those choices. You can read further or ask for more detail if necessary.
  • Specify the format. Channel information in a way that prioritizes it. Require standard subject lines for regular reports so that you can set email filters to automatically put them in folders. Clarify to your staff when to send an email, when to pick up the phone and when to come to your office, based on how important a development is.

Essential Skills for Managers’ Success 

Being a manager is a challenging job. Your team looks up to you for direction and inspiration. Your boss looks to you for results. Each day you overcome challenges and meet expectations. When a problem surfaces, everyone turns to you for the solution. When your team succeeds, your efforts often seem invisible.

You must be well organized, compassionate, efficient, determined, decisive and respectful. You must possess thick skin, a strong will and a desire to lead all your people to success.

So, how can you possibly do it all? With ruthless focus and this toolkit. Essential Skills for Managers’ Success is a must-have resource, providing managers with a refresher course in the most important management and leadership skills.

Managers will discover how to:

  • Speak with authority.
  • Use questions effectively.
  • Identify when to manage and when to lead.
  • Set clear expectations for their staffs.
  • Delegate efficiently.
  • Deliver bad news the right way.
  • And so much more!

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