Maintain productivity without being Scrooge

Maintain productivity without being Scrooge

‘Tis the season to celebrate, and caterers are reporting an uptick in office holiday and year-end parties this year. If your organization isn’t holding an evening or weekend party, take these precautions so your staff can have fun without work suffering:

  • Check the schedule. In planning a celebration, be aware of the staff’s deadlines and other commitments. Pick a time when your staff can focus fully on enjoying themselves. And don’t leave another department waiting for something while your staff is out enjoying an extra-long lunch. 
  • Move off site. Celebrations in the office can distract other departments and leave some employees out, such as those who must answer the phones. Holding an event nearby provides a clean break from—and return to—work.
  • Set the end. Don’t issue an open-ended invitation. Include the starting and ending times. Remember that the staff also will take its cue from you, so don’t slip silently back to your desk.

Reader poll

Last month we asked which software programs you use daily. Word and Excel topped the list, with 91% and 87%, respectively. Twenty-eight percent use PowerPoint daily, just ahead of Access, at 26%. Only 11% are using OneNote. Several people also wrote in Outlook.

No matter which program you use most often, our free “Office 2007 and 2010 tip sheet” will make you more efficient. Download it now.

Employee Motivation & Recognition Survival Kit

Now it’s easy to train your managers and supervisors on effective and successful morale-boosting strategies with the Employee Motivation & Recognition Survival Kit.

From understanding motivation trends to creating performance improvement initiatives and applying employee engagement strategies, supervisors can use this comprehensive kit to avoid turnover, increase employee loyalty and improve morale overall!

The survival kit includes these five programs:

  • Building a Recognition Culture for the Fast Lane.
  • Current Trends in Employee Recognition.
  • Employee Loyalty, Turnover and Leadership Re-defined—Bringing out The Best in You & Your People.
  • Motivating a Demoralized Workforce.
  • How Do I Measure Success in My Performance Improvement Initiatives?

Click here for more information or to order!

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