Express gratitude year-round

Express gratitude year-round

by Catherine Welborn

Problem: A strong employee has given you her two-week notice. She’s leaving your organization to work for a competitor. What’s worse, however, is the suggestion—either explicitly stated in her exit interview or simply hinted at in her final days—that she felt unappreciated at your organization. You were grateful for her hard work, so why didn’t she know that?

Solution: Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Embrace that spirit of gratitude, and develop good habits of showing your employees appreciation throughout the year. Follow these tips to make your “Thank yous” meaningful:

  • Be specific. A “Thank you” means more when it’s tied to a particular action. Observe your employees and identify their biggest strengths and contributions to your team. Examples: “Jacquelyn, I really appreciated your patience and tact when handling that difficult customer this morning. I was impressed with how you handled a tricky situation.” Or “Mark, thanks for taking the time to fix that paper jam in the copy machine this morning. You saved us all from a big headache.”
  • Identify individuals. Thanking the whole team can be effective occasionally, but personal praise means more. In a mass email thanking the team for its work in reaching a quarterly goal, specify people who made major contributions. Example: “Tom in particular led the way with his hard work and dedication on the Wilson project. Thank you, Tom, for those extra hours you put in to make that project a success.” 
  • Put it in writing. Schedule some quiet time every week to hand write thank-you notes to employees who have gone the extra mile. Many people will keep those tangible mementos of your gratitude, so your appreciation won’t quickly be forgotten. If possible, for especially noteworthy actions, include a small gift with your note. It need not be expensive. A $5 gift card to the person’s favorite coffee shop or lunch spot can go a long way in making an employee feel valued.

A New Supervisor’s Guide to Motivation & Recognition

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The BMG blogs will be back to our normal posting schedule next week, but until then, be sure to check out these other great posts in celebration of Thanksgiving:

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