Coming up with a strong presentation title

Coming up with a strong presentation title

Choose a boring title—or don’t choose one at all—and you miss an opportunity to pique your attendees’ interest. Use a catchy title and you make people want to hear what you have to say. Craft your title around these elements:

  • Results or action. Include a strong action word, or verb, in your title. Example: Decrease production expenses in 2Q.
  • Benefits. Answer for your listeners one question: “What’s in it for me?” Example: Eliminate data entry for accounting staff.
  • Drama. Refer to some element of mystery or controversy, but don’t go overboard and risk seeming melodramatic. Example: Change the way we connect with customers forever.
  • Fun. Signal to your audience that yours will be an enjoyable presentation. Include an element of fun. Example: 101 ways to annoy the competition.
  • Humor. Can you work in a reference to a well-known title or phrase? Can you use words that have a humorous double meaning? Example: Make our competitors green with envy (to reference a new green initiative that will also increase profits).

This advice comes directly from the pages of the brand-new training kit Every Person’s Guide to Public Speaking.

This multimedia training resource guides you through each step in the process, from creating the perfect presentation to overcoming challenges that might throw you off your game. Commit to learning and implementing the training, and you will build your confidence and become an impressive speaker.

The kit contains:

  • A binder with over 70 pages of advice on how to draft, prepare and execute your next presentation. 
  • The audio conference CD Ensure That Your Message Is Heard and Understood: Tips for Communicating Clearly and Concisely with companion PowerPoint presentation.
  • The new video No Sweat! Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking and Viewer’s Guide. 
  • A CD of customizable and print-ready forms.

Order today and wow during your next presentation!

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