Is your organization at risk?



Is your organization at risk?

In a recent Communication Briefings survey, 68% of respondents said that communication completely breaks down “often” or “sometimes” in their workplaces, compared to a mere 2% of people who said communication “never” breaks down. Which category does your team fall under?

You can’t ignore the problem. Consider the devastating consequences of poor communication:

  • Increased mistakes. Confusion and misunderstanding lead to costly errors that can hurt the bottom line.
  • Reduced productivity. People are often redoing their own or one another’s work because of mistakes, or they’re taking unnecessary steps because co-workers don’t share information.
  • Lowered confidence. Employees misinterpret information and they become hurt or angry, and they may begin to feel unappreciated.
  • Escalated gossip. Rumors spread and assumptions abound, leading to a proliferation of false information.
  • Heightened fear. Even if the fear is not warranted, when communication is lacking, job security concerns and worries of layoffs or termination run rampant. 
  • Elevated stress. All of the above lead to a tense workplace, and the problem grows. The more stressed a person is, the more mistakes he or she makes, which lowers productivity, and the cycle continues. Add in some rumor mongering and a splash of fear, and you have a perfect recipe for …
  • Destroyed morale. That leads to disengagement from the job. Employees will either carry on, giving only the minimum. Or they quit. Either way, your team and organization suffer.

However, with an effective communication strategy, your team can excel. You and your employees can work together to reach—and even exceed—your goals.

C3: Clear Concise Communication presents you with that strategy. You will learn how to communicate in a direct manner—across all channels—that will ensure that you get the results you want while you avoid the communication pitfalls that can wreak havoc in the workplace.

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