3 ways to take your smartphone from a ‘B’ to an ‘A’

3 ways to take your smartphone from a ‘B’ to an ‘A’

How did we manage with just a phone? Smartphones have quickly become a must-have gadget. In fact, 90% of you who responded to our poll last month have one.

The iPhone is the clear favorite, with 47% reporting they own one. BlackBerry comes in a distant second, at 24%, followed by Android, at 16%. Only a handful of our readers have a Microsoft or Treo phone.

Add the right apps and your phone becomes even more useful. Here are three ways to take basic capabilities further:

  • Remind yourself. Text and voice notes are fine, but you have to remember to look at them. The ReQall app notifies you about what you need to remember based on your location. There’s a free version and a Pro version with more features for a couple of bucks a month.
  • Deal with documents. OK, you can receive an email with a document attached. Now what? The DataViz Documents To Go app allows you to view, edit and create Word, Excel and PowerPoint files from your smartphone. Pricing depends on your phone and the version you want.
  • Find your car. One of our favorite tips for using a smartphone camera is to snap a picture of where you park. Now there’s a better way to pinpoint your car’s location. The free Take Me to My Car app takes advantage of the iPhone’s GPS capability to allow you to mark your car’s position and then find your way back using a map on your phone.

Bud to Boss Awards

Most employees don’t have what it takes to succeed in their first job as a leader. But your new person pulled it off. How will you recognize that achievement?

Nominate your high achiever for a 2011 Bud to Boss Award—the first national recognition program that rewards the achievements of emerging leaders in every industry.

Recognition is a powerful motivator. But when you nominate your best new leaders, they’ll receive something extra. Every nominee receives:

  • A copy of the book From Bud to Boss by leadership authorities Kevin Eikenberry and Guy Harris.
  • A copy of the audio conference Bud to Boss: Motivation and Recognition Tactics Every Supervisor Needs to Get Better Results.
  • A copy of the book The Organized Executive’s Priority One: Strategies for Improving the Way You Work.
  • Certificate of Recognition.

The finalists in each of 19 industry categories will receive:

  • Free registration to the Leadership Training Camp.
  • A copy of the audio conference The 8th Habit: From Effective to Greatness, taught by renowned management guru, Stephen R. Covey.
  • A one-year subscription to The Organized Executive newsletter.

The overall winner will receive:

  • A scholarship to a leading online MBA program.
  • Free registration to the Leadership Training Camp, including airfare and hotel accommodations.

To nominate your top new leaders, click here!

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