What are your plans for Customer Service Week?

Customer Service Week is Oct. 3-7
How will you celebrate?

Next month we’ll be celebrating Customer Service Week, an international event focused on honoring customer service representatives and recognizing the importance of their field. Customer service is the lifeblood of every organization. Those men and women work to ensure that your customers are satisfied, and satisfied customers become brand ambassadors for your products and services.

These are some of the ways Customer Service Group, the sponsor of the official Customer Service Week program, recommends you celebrate:

  • Host festive parties. Provide food, music and decorations, but also use the opportunity to recognize the efforts of your staff. 
  • Schedule theme days. Example: Schedule Football Friday and invite everyone to wear their favorite teams’ apparel to work. Provide tailgating food like sandwiches, chili and chips, and set up an area where people can watch The NFL Network or ESPN and chat about their favorite teams. 
  • Thank your customers. Offer a special discount or perk to customers as a way to show them your gratitude for doing business with your organization. 
  • Reward your reps. Offer bonuses or small gifts if it’s in your budget. A fun low-cost way to recognize staff is to establish special awards and present them your reps. Examples: “The Super Hero Award” goes to the person who saved a major account. “The Resolution Master Award” goes to the person who handles angry customers most effectively. 
  • Hone service skills. Make training your No. 1 priority this Customer Service Week.

Decorations, prizes and a fun atmosphere are all great ways to celebrate, but we think that last suggestion—honing your staff’s customer service skills—is the best way to honor the importance of customer service in your organization.

Arm your staff with the skills they need to provide your customers with the best service around. Check out the First-Rate Customer Service Training Kit. This multimedia resource will teach your reps how to stand out in every service interaction—and that’s something you can celebrate daily!

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And register them to receive the First-Rate Customer Service e-zine! Delivered monthly right to their inboxes, this free e-zine offers valuable tips for handling customer service issues.

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