What is your leadership score?

What is your leadership score?

From the editors of Essential Skills for Managers’ Success

Are you more than a manager? Do you display the attributes of a leader too? Answer the following questions “Yes” or “No” to find out:

  1. Have you mentored someone?
  2. Have you shared a vision for your team’s future with your employees?
  3. Do you develop your team members’ skills?
  4. Do you pump up the energy and enthusiasm levels of those around you?
  5. Do you take responsibility for your team’s shortfalls?
  6. Do you model the qualities and behaviors that you want employees to display?
  7. Do all of your employees understand their roles in fulfilling your team’s mission?
  8. Do you ask questions that enable team members to solve problems themselves instead of looking to you for all the answers?
  9. Do you hold employees to high standards that are clear to them?
  10. Do you set challenging group goals for your team and individual goals for each employee on it?
  11. Have you fostered strong bonds among your team members?
  12. Do you encourage creativity and innovation among your staff?
  13. Do you ask team members for their ideas?

Your score: If you answered “Yes” to more than 11 questions, you already know how to excel as a leader. If you answered “Yes” to 8-11 questions, you are well on your way to being an effective leader. If you answered “Yes” to fewer than eight questions, review the questions that you answered “No” to. Consider those as guidelines as you set goals to improve your leadership skills.   

Training resources like these will guide you to become the type of leader that your employees look up to and respect—and the type of manager who gets things done.

The Differences Between Managing and Leading—and What You Need to Know About Both. Listen to this 90-minute audio conference and view the companion PowerPoint presentation to learn how to combine the best traits of both. Become a dynamic leader—and an effective manager.

Essential Skills for Managers’ Success is a must-have multimedia resource, providing managers with a refresher course in the most important management and leadership skills. 

Lead your staff to greater accomplishments. That advice and more is offered in this month’s Focus On section at OrganizedExecutive.com.

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