Overcome stage fright

This month’s question:

“Do you have any quick tips on how to overcome stage fright?”


Our editors had these suggestions:

  • Speak more, not less. Experience is the best cure for performance anxiety. Your confidence will grow each time you speak publicly, so seek out opportunities that put you in front of groups, large and small.  Examples: Volunteer to lead a section of the agenda at your next team meeting. Raise your hand and contribute to discussion when you find yourself in the audience. Putting yourself out there in these kinds of situations will help prepare you for more formal speeches in the future.
  • Give yourself a pep talk. Instead of dreading a presentation as a public performance, view each presentation as a conversation with friends. Remember: Your listeners want you to succeed; they joined the audience because they want to hear your message. Focus on sharing your knowledge and expertise–rather than putting on a show–and your fear will melt away.
  • Take care of yourself. Allow time for adequate sleep the night before, eat healthy meals, and schedule time for a workout in the morning or evening before you present. Working out relieves stress and produces endorphins, so you’ll feel more relaxed and confident.
  • Use your time wisely. In addition to your earlier preparations, spend a few minutes right before you go on stage practicing your speech aloud. This will help you warm up your speaking voice and reboot your confidence.

December’s Poll Results:

Last Month we asked “Which public speaking anxieties do you suffer from?”

  • 46% of you worry that your mind will go blank.
  • 31% fret about audience members pointing out your mistakes.
  • And 23% fear that you’ll speak too fast.

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The No Sweat! set will teach you exactly how to recover if and when your mind goes blank. It will instruct you how to best respond when audience members point out your mistakes so your presentation is not derailed. It will train you to speak slowly so your audience can understand you.

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