Reboot your enthusiasm

A Reader’s Question:

Every year after the holiday rush, I need new ways to reboot my enthusiasm and start the year off with a fresh attitude. What new projects or activities can I tackle to jump-start 2011?

Response from the Editors:

A new perspective on your job and career will energize you after a hectic pre-holiday season. Even if nothing has changed, rejuvenate your outlook with these tips:

  • Beat your own best. Review your work for the previous six months. Find your best result—whether it’s number of calls or total sales—and work to beat it.
  • Volunteer to train a new employee. You’ll have a new task and a fresh face to greet you every day. And you can review the customer service basics that made you successful—and satisfied—in the past.
  • Clean house. Throw away all the junk in your desk, dump old files from your hard drive and tidy your work area. You’ll be surprised what a boost you’ll receive from a little spring cleaning.
  • Learn from mistakes. Take stock of your worst errors in 2010. Recognize your mistakes but don’t place blame. Make a list of actions to avoid the same blunders in 2011. You’ll gain confidence to handle the same scenarios in the New Year.
  • Vary your routine. Even if you have duties you must perform every day, add variety by shifting things around. Start each morning with your favorite task; that will motivate you for the rest of the day. Rearrange your daily to-do items or customer-call list to gain a new perspective on your work habits.

Quote of the Week:

“The way to gain a good reputation is to endeavor to be what you desire to appear.”


Tip of the Week:

Don’t reveal your nerves

If you’re helping an angry customer, serving a key customer or simply starting your first day on the job, your nerves may get the best of you. Just be sure not to let anyone know that.

Avoid these distracting habits that may reveal your anxiety: Twirling or running your fingers through your hair; drumming your fingers on your desk; popping your pen top on and off the pen; bouncing your pencil on its eraser; licking or biting your lips; cracking your knuckles; playing with your watch or jewelry; and diverting your eyes from the customer.

—From the editors.

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