Supervise Without Ruining Friendships

Problem: Two months ago, you were spouting off to teammates about your department’s faults—and now you’re responsible for supervising their work. So how do you suddenly assert authority over your friends?

Solution: Follow these tips to lead without destroying your friendships:

  • Schedule meetings. Meet with teammates and tell them what they can expect from you. And clarify what you expect from them: hard work, cooperation and productivity.
  • Respect your leadership role. Even if you think you owe it to your friends, never discuss confidential information regarding layoffs, mergers or acquisitions.
  • Leave work at work. During social events, avoid conversations about work.
  • Delegate responsibilities. You may feel guilty about adding more work to their loads, but delegation is critical. Otherwise you will overwhelm yourself.
  • Avoid showing favoritism. If you spend excessive amounts of time outside of work with only some teammates, those left out may feel that you show favoritism when rewards and recognition are handed out. So use the same criteria to reward and review each team member.

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