Hire job candidates who fit in

Problem: You’ve been given the go-ahead to beef up your staff and hire an employee. But it’s your first time hiring—or it’s been so long since you hired someone that it feels like your first time. A bad hire can disable your team, especially when tenured teammates feel slighted because of the newcomer. Usually, bad hires’ qualifications match up beautifully with their job descriptions. They become bad hires because they don’t fit your team’s culture.

Solution: Consider these factors to find the right fit for your team:

  • Skills. Are interviewees’ skills up to date or do you expect teammates to train new hires?
  • Cost. How do their requests measure against other team members’ compensation packages? Unless candidates possess considerably more skills than current team members, they shouldn’t receive larger salaries or special perks.
  • Timing. If they’re not ready to transition immediately, gauge how long you can afford to wait. How will the delay tax the energy of teammates who have to do the work until the new person joins you?
  • Culture. Decide what you’re willing to risk if the person doesn’t fit in. Is the newcomer’s potential value worth the risk of alienating hardworking, loyal teammates if the person disrupts team harmony?

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