Coax questions at the end of a presentation

This month’s question:

“Typically, no one will ask questions during the Q-and-A time at the end of my presentation, but afterward several people will approach me to pose questions. How can I convince audience members to ask questions in front of the group?”


Reader Bill Picard had these suggestions: I typically don’t ask if there “are any questions.” Instead, I ask “Who has the first question?” That usually gets a response. If it fails, I scan the room looking for that quizzical look. I call on that person [and say] “Jim, you look like you have something on your mind …” If Jim says, “Nope, I’m OK,” I respond with a bit of humor like “Help me out. I’m dying up here!” Humor always gets things moving.

Bill adds, if none of that works I will ask: “Who has the second question? No one ever wants to ask the first question!”


November’s Poll Results:

Last month we asked “What strategies do you use to deliver your message with power, influence and credibility?” Most of you answered that you incorporate all the strategies listed below:

  • Include a PowerPoint presentation or other visual aids.
  • Involve your audience with quizzes, questions and exercises.
  • Use voice, word choice and body language to enhance the impact of your message.

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