Create Interesting Presentations In Less Time

This month’s question:

“I’m a water plant and wastewater plant operator and a safety coordinator. I have been in charge of running a safety program for the past eight years and have had limited time to work on the program. I have one day a week to work on the safety presentations, but I cannot seem to make the speeches educational, memorable—and entertaining—with this lack of time. I need help and do not know which direction to go. Any advice?”

Response from the editors:

Creating great presentations does take time. So the first step is to look for ways to ease the burden of developing new programs all the time.

Ask your safety-equipment vendors whether they offer free training programs to customers. Talk with your local emergency services departments about working together on joint presentations. Connect with other plant operators, perhaps through an industry association, to form partnerships. If you can collaborate with three other operators to develop programs, you will quadruple the time each of you has to create a training program.

Seeing how others deliver memorable safety presentations will give you more ideas for adding interest to your programs. One tactic that will save you time and make programs more effective is to focus each presentation on only a few key points. Instead of delivering one lengthy training program on a topic, divide it into shorter segments.

Then add activities that will engage the audience. Involve them with polls, role-playing exercises and challenges. For example, divide the group into teams to compete in solving a problem related to the training or to answer questions about the key points. Those will hold their interest and reinforce the lessons.

October’s Poll Results:

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