Success Strategies for New Managers

Problem: You are very excited about your recent promotion into management, but you’ve quickly discovered that the promotion presents you with a big challenge: You were promoted over some of your teammates, and they resent you for it.

Solution: You were chosen as the best fit to move into management, so don’t feel guilty or apologize to those who were passed over for the promotion. Instead, prove your worth as the team’s new leader by following these tips:

  • Determine what kind of boss you want to be. Draw on your experiences as an employee: How did the best boss you’ve ever had assert authority? Caution: Don’t try to be someone you’re not, but set personal goals that allow you to grow into your new role.
  • Meet with your employees early, and often, to discuss your goals for the group. That sends two signals: that you respect their opinions and that you’ll hold everyone on the team accountable for hitting those goals.
  • Foster ties with leaders of other departments that your team relies on or supports. Schedule brief, one-on-one meetings or lunch dates with them to talk about the teams’ responsibilities and how employees work together. Ask them to describe any problems they may have with your team, and promise to work on finding solutions. Always end those meetings by inviting other managers to call or visit you any time they need your help resolving an issue.
  • Ask your boss what’s expected of you and how you’re doing. Before you take your new position, request a detailed job description, with performance standards spelled out. Once you take the job, use every opportunity to garner feedback from the boss. Ask: “What am I doing well?” and “Where do I need to improve?”

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